Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Successor To The Throne

Busy day today. Filling out my application as Big Daddy Wu's eventual successor. When I get the job I'll be able to get you guys a nice used car for only 20 dollars down and payments of 30 years. Like I say boy, tape me about 6 hours of the commercials and I'll watch them over and over.

In other news I'm pretty much being forced to leave the office for tree stuff this morning. Total bullshit? I hate this time of year because the orange paint doesn't flow too well. Poor baby!

Mrs has ridden her bike the last two mornings and is now in racer shape. She needs to take a route that doesn't go past the high school on 31st and 21st because as she says 'those high school kids fuck with me'.

Clown bike back studded tire now rubbing on fender and chainstay. Last thing I remember was hitting the brakes hard on the sidewalk trying to skid to impress Mrs as she was walking home from the Somali grocery Saturday. The dairy products at this place have December expiration dates on them. Just kidding about that. She did buy the only box of pancake mix about a month ago and they haven't replaced it. What's the point of this? What's the point of this life? Haven't figured that out yet and hope I never do.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bike Expo '07

Rick from Freewheel who used to do the really hard-hitting, down-in-the gutter journalism at WCCO asked me to give a plug to the Bicycling, Travel and Fitness Show this weekend. That's March 3rd and 4th for those of you who need dates cuz you're so well organized. Rick sent me some press releases about 2 weeks ago and through procrastination (that comes up a lot, hmm) and an inability to download Rick's info from e-mail to my blog, I'll just summarize and give you a link, maybe. Greg Lemond will be there on Saturday so don't miss it. I'm sure Mrs will go up to him and ask him who the hell are you? I'm excited about meeting Greg Lemond but not as excited as when Sickboy introduced me to Skibby.
There'll also be a contest to Crown the Minnesota Cyclist Of The Year where you will be able to display your riding skills, mechanical skills and your ability to scream obscenities at motorists. Good luck to all entrants. I will be conducting a foul language clinic at CRC this Friday morning.
The test track will be up again this year at Expo so if you ate shit on the course last year...well hey, do it again this year.
Well, I've done enough damage to Rick's cause so I better quit while I can. For more information or to just call Rick and breathe heavy or ask him who does his hair please call him at 612-270-0657. What's the picture of the Picasso from Daley Center in Chicago have to do with Expo? Nothing except I couldn't get that picture to download the first 100 times I tried.

This Must Be The Place For Old School Smokey Treats

Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't Worry Doll, I Only Bought 6 Boxes...The Boys Will Finish Those Off By 3 Today

Snowball's Chance In Hell Pictures

The Dash For Cold Hard Cash which was $20.07 frozen in an ice block and won by Aaron on a Pugsley.

Figure 8 Miss-n-Out

Sov who was MC to the clown show shown here sans banjo.

Right before the proceedings were about to break up Officer Friendly and two play cops who had to be at least 12 years old showed up. They were actually pretty nice and didn't shoot anyone.
Party disbanded and changed venues to the downtown Pizza Luce'. The ride home from downtown was quite slow and also involved some walking through the deep snow on the sidestreets.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Posse Leaves At 11:30 AM

Hiawatha Ride was fun as always with a stop at Mello Velo's to drop Jim off and see the shop. Most of the guys I work with would be pretty excited (excited isn't the term I want to use) about Kevin's shop.

Riding to Brwonie Lake, wherever the hell that is for Snow Balls' Chance In Hell, a hooligan event brought to you by the folks who think french fries are the only vegetable you'll ever need.

Snow falling. See, not taking the Christmas tree down will look quite homey through the falling snow.

Next stop is home for a clothes change and to pick up Mrs 9 mil just in case there's something to shoot at on the way to Snowball.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fun For Kids Of All Ages

Snowball's Chance In Hell And Dash For Cold Hard Cash Formula Race
Saturday - February 24, 2007
High noon
Brownie Lake
Run what you brung

Races: Well kinda races
Figure 8
ice auger tt
hard dash for cold cash

Rumor has it that there'll be some flat beer to enjoy. I may show up on my clown bike with the studded tires. I better leave now. For a transcript of today's broadcast go to One on One Bike.

Hi Church People!! My Name Is Raymond!!

Had to post a few more Aimee pictures since her mother has a link here for the purpose of seeing Aimee pictures with a disclaimer about foul language and birdies. Liz, they're gonna page down cuz it's like a car accident. Aimee pictured above with her Uncle Paul, a BWG (big white guy).
Aimee with Momma, Daddy and Grandma.
Aimee playing with Daddy at the restaurant last Sunday. Added to my long list of links and switched the links with the old post so my brother can stop bellyaching. Ok now, you people from Lizzie's blog page down, ignore Bolstad flipping the bird and find two more pictures of Aimee. Don't read anything and then go light a candle for me.

A Warm Swagger Friday Welcome To Those Of You In The UK

Morgan, we need a White Castle meeting to discuss plans for the home invasion. After trading e-mails about the Olive visit he dissed me and didn't show up. Upon learning of this, Mrs wants to be included. Don't sell her short. She's small but tough.
LGR won't allow me to access their message board. I've heard from a reliable source that it's mostly about NASCAR anyway.
Big snow coming this weekend? Streets are dry so this development is mostly bullshit. So you live in Minneapolis and want snow to play in? Fly to Buffalo.
Big snow means ticket off windshields and arguing with slapdicks. Oh goody.
I'm going to order a set of swanky wood fenders for my 1 x1.
Blogger is messing up my spacing on new posts. Maybe I'm messing up my spacing on new posts.
Sparks with bolts on the front of winter biking shoes is less effective when wearing shoe covers.
Someone pointed out to me that bike racers spend most of the winter talking shit about races from last summer. I've paid attention and he's right.
Take me back...back to that same old sweet home...Chicago.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Better Let That Belt Out A Notch

Aimee, The Family Superstar

Right before last Christmas I got pretty sick from the flu although I think it might have been food poisoning from one of the women I know and I got down to 203 pounds. Righteous! Well, I felt cheated out of the Christmas grazing season so I started eating like a condemned prisoner after I felt better and really haven't quit since. Insert a Chicago trip and a copious number of donuts and...presto, a bigger dress size. Haven't had the balls to get back on the scale and Mrs would never complain. Hell, she loved the shit out of me when I was over 300. I think part of it is the season and I'm not alone. All I want to do these days is sleep, eat hell, you know.
Wore my airport socks today as I'm stopping off at Sickboy's place to see Olive and drop something off for Gilby. I hope the boy has that grainy video of his lone win at the track last year because this time I'm going to demand to see it. Then, I'll shake him down for Frostbike schwag. No Clif bars cuz they suck.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Debbie, It Looks Like The Army Is Feeding Him Well

I Recruited A New Cat 6 Sponsor When I Was In Chicago

Rocky, Time For Your Medication

Back to work. No need to embellish that statement. I am not defined by what I do to make money. I did laundry yesterday...therefore I am.

Was really good to ride a bike yesterday after six days of no riding. Met Mrs at the hospital for sandwiches at Davanni's and a tortuous ride to Cliquot Club on like 25th Street. It's down the street from Birchwood but we decided that since the mortgage was due soon we couldn't afford Birchwood.

I have a link on The Goat - Backcountry because an enterprising young fellow named Rocky Thompson discovered me on the Cat 6 web page. Rocky listed his favorite 5 outdoor quirky blogs yesterday and a pisspot of hits followed from The Goat. Hits from Moose Jaw and other outposts where they walk 10 miles for a Chesterfield. Speaking of Chesterfield's, have you discovered the stash, Mr CRC? Back to Rocky and The Goat and the store they have which has all kinds of outdoor gear including a plethora (shitload) of winter hats which as we all know one never has too many of. Peace out Rocky. See you in church.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our Flight Attendant Was A 210 Pound Bruiser

Back home. I really enjoy the whole airport experience. Hurry up, and wait, as Mrs always says. Walked about a mile to find the Dunkin Donuts at O'hare. No Dunkin Donuts in Minneapolis. Brought Mrs home some donuts. Would lobby hard to make Dunkin the official stop of the Hiawatha ride.
Why is it necessary to give the cabby a turn by turn set of directions from the airport to 42nd and 20th? It's not like I live out in the fucking sticks. Wait! Debbie, are you laughing?
Simple day planned today. Escort service has been taken care of. Be careful of refreeze this morning, rockers. CRC stop is next. Laundry after CRC. Wipe that smile off your face. I know how to turn the f-ing washer on. How to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and just what look to give Mrs to take over after that.
Peace out. See you at CRC in half an hour.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Almost Time To Jam My Shit In My Suitcase

Maxwell Street yesterday was great even though quite a few of the vendors must of slept in. Opted not to buy one of the satellite dishes that still had roofing shingles attached to it. Didn't buy any cell phone either. Didn't want to clear out the last owner's information. No warranties or owner's manuals on Maxwell Street.

Lunch with my great-niece Aimee was great. She got pretty excited when she realized we were going to eat...and that was out in the parking lot. Aah, a true Wroblewski. Aimee's an unbelievable little girl and it was fabulous to see her twice. She has quite a personality and can shatter glass with one of her high pitched screams. Too bad I'm not staying longer as she was really warming up to me.

Flight tonight at 6something. Looking forward to the whole airport security stripsearch which has probably been quite a boom to the sock industry. Now everyone who flies will need at least one pair of socks without holes in the toes.

Don't go back to work till Wednesday so I'll have tomorrow for decompressing from the tortuous hour and fifteen minute flight. Haven't ridden a bike since last Tuesday so I'm looking forward to that too.

Had a great time and have to thank my family for taking such good care of me. August trip can't be too far off.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

More From Downtown Chicago

Hawkquarters sells all sorts of Blackhawk's items. Picture for Super Rookie.

Michigan Ave bridge over the Chicago River. Looks even better at night.

Bike cops searching for couriers going the wrong way.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday Downtown Trip

Michigan Avenue looking North. Included this one for Mrs.
John Hancock building...worth going up to the observation deck. Didn't go up this time. I was hungry.

Chicago River from the State Street bridge. Wind was howling.

State Street from in front of Macy's. Not sure if Macy's took the flags down when they bought Marshall Field's but the flags made the building look even better.

When I see the El go overhead, cab drivers laying on the horn and a panhandler on every corner I know I'm home. Very relaxing.

Under the El train tracks. Mrs just got homesick.
Had a great time yesterday hanging out with my nephew. Not real cold but 'the hawk' was biting. Ended up walking from the train station on Madison Street to the Hancock building and back with a lunch stop at Grand-Lux on Ontario.
Loads of messengers all riding geared bikes...salt covered geared bikes...salt covered messengers riding salt covered bikes. I've got a few more picture to come but Blogger is rather slow today. Great-niece Aimee coming over today with her parents, Brian and Liz. Maxwell Street flea market tomorrow.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A Really Sweet Set Of Fenders

I saw these on a link from Marko's page. These babies just scream class which makes them perfect for a Surly. Not sure about cost but you only live once, right. Mrs is reading this and wishing I'd spend less time searching for bike shit to spend money on.

Went to bed at 3ish and got up at 6ish. Sleep quick, eh?

A full invasion of downtown Chicago is planned for today. Will be catching the train at 10 am and meeting my nephew Paul for lunch and then bumming around taking pictures and people watching. Nothing in this whole world like people watching...airports, sporting events, velodrome...all choice spots.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'll Have A Dozen Donuts Handy The Whole Time I'm Here

Just for you folks up late. Report immediately to the nearest all night donut shop and load up. Then go back home and dine. It's later than you think. Existentially speaking.

Good Morning Darling - Oh, The Bike Frame - Nice, Huh

Geek link that y'all probably know about already.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Hallmark

Mrs Valentine's Presents

Happy Valentine's Day, girl. I really think riding in those slippers will set you apart.
Greeting from Chicago, well Glendale Heights, happy Tuffy. I made my flight and was even allowed to fly the plane. Driving my sister-in-law nuts and enjoying every minute of it.

Cat 6 Moustache Ride - The Ride For World Peace And Soft Core Porn

Hi, my name is Tyler and I like to watch. Stolen photo from T3.
Directeur Sportif, the ringleader, chief cook and bottle washer of this group of indigents.

Morgan, our team intellectual. Not really, but it sounded good, didn't it?

On the road to nowhere. Stolen photo from Cat 6 web page.

Sunrise Inn, one of three bars in North America that I'd never been in. Don't plan on returning soon, either.

Keep your corn dog to yourself. Stolen photo from Cycling Magazine.

Colonel Custer or Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider? Can't make my mind up. Stolen photo from somewhere.

I do take these sunglasses off on occasion. I take them off and place them on the nightstand before going to sleep every night. Stolen from T3.

Feats of bravery and sheer athleticism.

Lake Harriet band shell where the boys did an impromptu rendition of Guys and Dolls.

Lake Street bike pile. Blah, blah, blah.

Figlio where we called in the air strike.

Finely conditioned bike racers enjoying a smokey treat at Town Hall.